We may provide you with the contact information of the following clients,  to prospective clients with a serious interest in one of our properties.
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Nigel and Rowena (U.K)


“All good things come to those who wait!”
We have been holidaying on the Greek mainland and the islands since 1983 and the past 14 years to Stoupa. On deciding this was the place we would like to retire to! We looked at different avenues from purchasing land and building our own home to buying ready made. The forgone conclusion was to find the land and a find a local builder. After speaking with local people and builders, our paths luckily crossed with Panayotis. We had previously found the land and was in the process of buying it, which Panayotis then helped us to understand the paperwork and the Greek way. So from day 1 Panayotis has been a godsend with helping us achieve our dream. Panayotis and his team are first class tradesmen and have built a house we could have only dreamt about. His knowledge on the area, materials and what works well for the design is what makes him unique. Nothing has been too much trouble for Panayotis to help us out even in April we were all busy with putting furniture into our home that arrived from England then getting the paper work signed and stamped before our return within the week. At the end of the day we would Highly Reccomend him and his company. We are now looking forward to coming soon to live the dream.

Nigel and Rowena U.K

E & A.S. (France)


Le 14 avril 2017

Madame, Monsieur,

Avec cette lettre nous voulons témoigner de la qualité de la construction et notamment de l’excellence du travail de taille de pierres, mises en œuvre pour la réalisation de notre maison avec maison d’amis à Kardamyli, de l’entreprise de Monsieur Panayotis Hioureas.

Bien cordialement.

E. & A. S. (FRANCE)

Michael (Denmark)

Gonatsa area, Neochori
We met Panagiotis some years ago when we were considering to buy a house in Mani. At the time we had not considered to build a house ourselves – honestly mainly because we had heard a lot of horror stories about how challenging it is to build in Greece. However, meeting Panagiotis quickly changed our mind as he immediately installed confidence in us that we could have a turnkey solution and rely on what would be agreed. And this is probably one of the best decisions we have ever made. Instead of buying someone else’s idea of a house, we got to build exactly the house we wanted within the budget available, and it also turned out to be cheaper than if we had bought a house of similar size and location.
We have met many real estate developers over the years, however, Panagiotis is best described as “unique”. Not only is he a very nice guy, and we actually became friends over the years. However, he also cares about the project as if it was his own house he was building. Throughout the construction process we always felt that Panagiotis would do his utmost to make sure it became as perfect a house as possible, and he brought many good ideas for improvements which added to the uniqueness and beauty of the place. The end result was a house which significantly exceed what we had expected or hoped for, and to us it is our own little paradise.
Everyone who have visited us have been impressed with the quality and craftsmanship, with every little detail cared for. And the few problems that have been afterwards (as there are with any new house) Panagiotis has taken well care of. And his engagement does not stop when the house is completed. Panagiotis regularly checks up on the house e.g. after a storm or heavy rainfall, or if there are problems with the water supply (as is sometimes the case in Mani, particularly in the summer). This gives important “peace of mind” when you have a vacation house which you only visit occasionally.
In summary, we can wholeheartedly recommend Panagiotis.

Michael from Denmark…

Don & Sue (U.K)


We have known Panigiotis Hioureas for over ten years and we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as the number one builder to go to in The Mani. From the conception of an idea, sourcing the plot of land on our behalf, to the reality to build our home in this beautiful area he has continually proved himself to be confident in his vast knowledge of the whole process, professional, trustworthy, honest and reliable. He has delivered on every aspect and we are extremely happy with the finished product which is of the highest quality.
Don & Sue

Els and Klaas (Netherlands)


In 2013 we bought a house in Kato Riglia still  under  construction.  
Together with the estate agent we choose the builder Panatotis Hioureas from Stoupa (Mani)

 Within a year our wishes and ideas together with Panayotis, our house has been completed and transformed into the perfect vacation home.

 Panayotis is a skilled talented builder, who uses his knowledge of local, good , sound and unusual building materials in his work.

 We are thankful for his good advice and help.

Els and Klaas

David and Rosemarie (U.K)


Panayotis Hioureas and his team built the home we had always dreamt of in 2005/2006.
Nothing was too much trouble for Panayotis and he always went that extra mile to get things absolutely perfect for us. He came up with excellent ideas to improve on our thoughts for the build and we ended up with an outstanding home built to a very high standard.
Having a house built in Greece could have been a very stressful and worrying thing for us as “foreigners” but Panayotis made the whole process an exciting and very pleasant experience.
We feel very fortunate to have found Panayotis when we were trying to fulfil the reality of having a home built in Greece.
As British people we would highly recommend Panayotis and his team to anyone considering taking on the very significant process of having a house built in The Mani and surrounding areas.

David and Rosemarie from Kent in the UK

Luciana (Italy)

I met Panayotis Hioureas some years ago. 
I appreciated very much some of my friend’s house that he built in 2011. 
Since my first visit I loved that place. 
Panayotis had to overcome many bureaucratic hurdles to build my own house in that place! 
He is professional, trustworthy, honest and dedicated person.
Panayotis has stood by me through the whole process of purchasing my property. 
He helped me for all legal matters including to open bank account.
I felt in safe hands.
Panayotis builds with a very high standards and he has been very careful not to exceed the established budget.
My house built by Panayotis is much more beautiful than I had imagined.
I want to recommend him strongly.

Helen (U.K)

We would highly recommend Panayotis the builder and his associates. From the moment we walked into the model home the first time to discuss possibilities to the last handshake, we knew we were dealing with competent people. A friend who was a home inspector came to the construction site each month with us and always confirmed that the house was being constructed under the best standards. We felt listened to in the planning stage. Once construction began, any questions we had were quickly resolved and in the end things explained so we knew how to run our home. It was a great experience to work with Panayotis.

Andrea and Margaret (U.K)


Our names are Andrea and Margaret..

We had a building contract with Panayotis for our house in Neochorio the year 2010.
We were so happy with the building process. The selection of materials, colors, lighting etc. was so organized and made the process go so smooth. When it came to the finish work on the inside and outside he always had good suggestions to make it seem just right. Throughout the whole building process he always let us know if anything affected our budget. We were very pleased when the house was done better than we expected and under budget.” 

Angela & Luca (Italy)


Panayotis Hioureas built our house plus 3 rooms for rent in 2011. First he found the right plot (exactly what we were looking for) and then he helped us to fulfill our Greek dream!
We have been very happy about his work: he joins professionalism with honesty and this is the top! We strongly recommend him
Angela & Luca Turati from Italy