Construction Services
We are a family of experienced craftsmen, we have taken the traditional craft one step further.  Through our Complete Build Service we now offer our clients many options of design from stone tower houses to “state of the art” homes in stone. We tailor our designs according to your needs and your budget.
From an architectural point of view, we can design houses that fit all tastes. It is essential to apply the correct design procedures and always respect the weight of the stone and the traditional architecture of Mani.
We provide the following services:
  • Architectural studies, including material details and 3D presentation
  • Surveying applications, using the latest technology in geodetic systems
  • Delivery of building permits and operating licenses for shops
  • Energy-efficiency studies, green applications
  • Mechanical – structural engineering studies
  • Construction in stone and conventional materials
  • Completion of unfinished properties according to the client’s specifications
  • Mixed and specialised constructions
  • Restoration and renovation of any building
  • Interior design and design of outdoor spaces
  • Garden, landscape and lighting design


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